Last update 12/17/2012
Thomas kinkade
My wonderful wife was a collector of nice things. 
She passed away a few years ago and 
I have decided to sell some of them.


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 Clearing Storms 

$775.00 US Dollars
price includes shipping and handling
in the continental U.S.

 Affordable Beauty
    * The Luxury of a Canvas Print
    * Large Antique Gold Museum Frame
Frame size 17" 1/2"X 21" 1/2" (image size 12" x 16")
    * Comes with Certificate of Authenticity on back.
    * Brass Plaque with Print and Artist's Name

This beautiful print, part of the 1999 Media Arts Canvas Classics Collection, is now made available in this Canvas Classic. 
Other than its beauty, here are some of the great features, reasons why you should buy one of this:

Clearing Storms is, to me, a symbolic scene, charged with a joyous message. Storms dark, brooding, terrifying are a part of all our lives. 
When we're in the grip of a storm, we may feel abandoned by God. The meaning of Clearing Storms is that God's love is eternal. 
Up in the sky, God's light has touched the clouds with myriad colors, transforming them into harbingers of hope.
Thomas Kinkade