Pictures taken over the years at Spinreel

 If you have any pictures you would like placed on this page, send Terry the picture via email and he will post it for you. 

08/19/00 Roseberg Jeeps
"Bruce Curtis" Roseberg OR taking his 
Jeep up Spinreel Hill 08/19/00
Yup! It get's a little deep here in the winter!
Dave Webb Testing a 1987 Polaris 4X4
Betty & Lyle (Spike) Trost 
dropping into Spinreel Park.

A brush fire on the Foredune area.

Foredune fire about 1999


Looks like fun, don't it?

Spinreel Coons. We have our own "Wildlife Viewing Area" 
Next to the Doublewide at the south end of the property

Odd looking DuneBuggy, aint it?
Hovercraft are a blast on the dunes. 
We used to be a Scat dealer.
L to R Marty Price, Glenda Smith Gilbert, 
Jimmy Peck, Richard Trost, Betty Trost


Yep! We even hosted a Dune/beach wedding!