Here are pictures of Spinreel Rentals when 
Terry and Betty Trost and their children were 
Living there and operating it. 
They span the years from 1983 to 2001 
We had a ball those nearly twenty year's. 
We occupied that property for 
thirty five years of our life. 
We were a Polaris ATV Dealer, A Scat Hovercraft Dealer 
and a MacGregor sail boat dealer. 
We didn't get rich, but we had fun working there. 

If you have any pictures taken around Spinreel park that you would like to see here, e-mail them to Terry 

1993 Hover-in and Sand-Fest
At Jordan Cove, Coos Bay

Annual Dog Sled Mail Rum "March" Coos Bay to Florence. 1992

Tim and daughter Triawn "Custer" in their new
buggy. HD all the way. One bad buggy! 2001

Odyssey's that we recently modified 1998

Hang Gliding from Spinreel Hill. A safe place for beginners.
Watching a brush fire in the Fore Dune area. It started near Winchester Bay and traveled to Tenmile Creek. It grew back in twelve months.
Betty on quad 1993 watching a brush fire in the Foredune 

Odyssey and Quqds heading for Spinreel Hill (Old name was Bathtub because there was one at the west end about 1967.) 


Rod Baker in one of our "Built from Ground Up" Duneschooter.

The little buggers got around real good with a 12hp. Tecumseh.

Our Ford Bronco Rescue vehicle

These were our tour rigs, two VW Bus's slightly modified and 
an old 4X4 Eastern Oregon School Bus slightly modified.

Dave Webb escorting customers to the beach. 1989
Never give up!!

Two little 90 year old ladies still enjoying life