The Shipwreck of the New Carissa
Grounding occurred Feb. 4,1999
The ship went aground by dragging her anchor
during a major winter storm on the Oregon Coast.
How to turn a little boo boo into a total disaster! 


The day after the New Carissa ran aground. 
At this point the ship could have been properly salvaged, 
or been allowed to remain on the beach as a "Tourist Attraction" 
which would have helped Coos County's ailing economy. 
but................... smart people had better ideas ...................
Because of all the out cry by environmentalists the people in charge 
decided to burn the fuel oil off. They got a wee bit carried away with 
the explosives and the result is below.... they blew the damned thing in half!

During one trip with News Media a large pod of Gray Whale were 
sighted swimming around the Shipwreck for about two hours. 
I would guess they were imprinting the location in their minds 
for future reference.

After the picture below was taken the powers to be, hired a tug boat, a really 
Big Tug boat! After a few days of steady pulling on the Bow section, (right
half below) came loose of the beach and was towed out to sea. That's 
when a really big bad storm blew in. The bow broke loose from the tug 
and headed for Yachats Oregon, fifty miles north. It beached itself again. 
Now the Carissa became the longest ship in the world. (It was fifty miles 
from the bow to the stern!) The tug had to pull the Carissa off the beach 
for a second time. They towed her several miles off shore where a 
Demolition team boarded her and set charges below the waterline. 
They set the charges off. The New Carissa refused to sink! they called in 
a Naval Destroyer. The Destroyer placed more than 70 rounds of five 
inch shells into her at the water line......... nothing happened, she still 
refused to sink! Finally they called in a Nuclear Submarine which proceeded 
to fire a (not nuke) torpedo into her. The New Carissa still took about 45 minutes to sink.
The Titanic should have been built so well!

News Media taking pictures and notes about the wreck.

Richard Trost standing on the beach with the remains of the stern section of
the New Carissa in the background. 

Spinreel Dune Buggy Rentals Tour Bus with a load of news people.
The Government hired Spinreel Dune Buggy Rentals to transport 
cleanup workers to and from the site of the wreck. They ran on a 
24 hour shift until the job was complete.