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USS Menard APA 201
WWII, Korea and VietNam
Terry Trost Quartermaster Signalman (skivvy waver) spent
three and a half years aboard the Menard
Ports visited:
Japan, Yokohama, Sasebo, Kobe, Korea, Inchon, Pusan, Kangung. Philippines, Subic Bay. Hong Kong China,
North, "Haiphong Harbor"  and South Vietnam, "Saigon"

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Several of the pictures were furnished by
Bill Kirkpatrick

Terry Trost QM3

  Jake Ortega,Wiley  Bruce Williams and Terry Trost 

"The Signal gang" Top row ?  Wiley, Tex Bonham, ? ? Terry Trost 
bottom row James Crow, ? Paul Telles. ? Dick Warden

Terry on the bow of the Menard

Terry Swabbing the Deck of the Menard 

Terry Trost signaling a "J" 

Signalman Paul Telles (Los Angeles) taking a break

Abe Romero and Terry Trost having a beer in 
Subic Bay Philippines.1951

Bev (Brown) Williams, (Trost) 1954 cute chick!

Wiley (Bruce) Williams   Terry Trost Yokohama 1953

Barbara McConnville she has been aboard the Menard

 These girls have been aboard

Don Borden entertaining Sandra Trost 

Note that Wiley (Bruce) Williams is holding a 45 cal Automatic. 
on Terry and forcing the poor boy to go on Liberty

Terry's sisters L Sandra & R Betty

Betty Trost, (Terry's sister) she had a sailor in every port, 
sometimes more than one. 

 L-R ? Terry,Betty, Sandra, Margaret O'