Last update 12/17/2011
Cherished Teddies

Alan, Gail, Denise, Nicole, Little Bo Peep, Betty Bubblin Over, 
Mark, Megan, Seth, Child of Love, Randy, Allison & Alexandria, 
Peter, Haley & Logan, Somone & Judy

These collectibles were displayed by my wife in our house. She did not plan on selling them so she didn't keep any of the boxes. She passed away and I moved and don't have room for them. I have listed the Registration number and the Serial number of each Teddy. I have lots more than are listed here. If you want a particular Teddy that is not listed on this page, email me and I will look and see if I have the one you want.

Shipping & Handling for each teddy $10.00 the 
shipping for more than one item will be figured later. 

Cherished Teddies sell for between $17.00 and $52.00 each
Here is a link to a commercial site

All Teddies on this page are $17.00 ea. plus postage

email contact: Terry, Pay Pal pay-

To purchase send a money order to: 
Terry Trost, 4468 W. Abrigo Dr, Golden Valley, AZ 86413

phone 928-565-7822 
email contact: Terry